Daily Surf Report - 2/14/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
“To love someone deeply gives you strength. Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage.” - Lao Tzu

Happy Valentine's Day to all you surfers and couples out there.  Show the love, feel the love, be the love that is inside your heart.  Misty, light drizzle, full coastal fog envelopes Bolinas today.  Temp is 56F.  Clearing - maybe.  Fear not, take the leap of faith, throw on some neoprene and jump in the ocean.  Find your happy place and find your lucky wave.  The ocean is smooth and fog covered.  The winds are light and there is a little swell pulse in the water.  Nothing can be seen but guesses can be ventured.  There are rollers right in front of the ramp and that is a good sign.  I'd say paddle out.  The heavy stuff wont be here for a while.

CHANNEL:  Unknown as to wave size but this much is true:
Incoming tide, a bit of NW windswell with a decent interval.  A small background S swell that will be filling in.  Follow the morning crew lead.  Grab a longboard and head to the Groin pole.  What awaits is nothing but goodness and mystery.  Report back to us and we'll all keep it secret.  

PATCH: Inside waves are visible near the graffiti wall and I expect the same is working at the Snags today.  Rising tide for another 2 hours.  Find that special someone and take them on a journey into the fog.

Respect the Beach.


LOW: 4:51 am 2.2'

HIGH: 10:51 am 5.8'

LOW: 5:18 pm 0.1'

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