Daily Surf Report - 2/23/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
“The only source of knowledge is experience." - Albert Einstein

Good morning to all of you kooks, wannabes, veteranos and weekend warriors! It's an overcast morning here at the beach at 50 degrees and a slight on-shore breeze that will build throughout the morning/day. The tide is rolling out harder than Cossacks on Pussy Riot protesters in Sochi! not much swell today, kids. It could be a great day to give Mt. Tam a try for a wonderful hiking expedition (Matt Davidson trail is a personal fav) or just bring out your custodial board and mop up in the lagoon, or get a bike ride in before the (much needed) rains come in a few days. If things change for the positive we'll be sure to throw down the 411 right here... otherwise, we won't.

CHANNEL:  The low tide for the next few hours coupled with practically no swell is making this spot... "NOT." However, none of this is deterring a lone humanoid from paddling out and wishing. Though we all know that if wishes were fishes the ocean would be full. One (1) humanoid as I write this with knee-high stanky jank slurping around the exposed sand bars.  

PATCH: Inconsistent knee-and-below undulations are not really doing much of anything here this morning but that isn't impeding many folks as the "I drove all of this way so I'm going out" mentality is what seems to be the attitude today. It's breaking waaaaaay inside as the rocks of the Patch are showing their teeth and the aggressive showing of teeth will only get wider for the next few hours, so be mindful of that. Twenty plus (20+) from many janitor boards to logs to even a guy with a shorty (?) all paddling for redemption from the drive out here. I say, good luck with that, matey!

Respect the Beach.


HIGH: 5:22 am 5.8'

LOW: 12:21 am 0.3'

HIGH: 7:41 pm 4.1'

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