Daily Surf Report - 3/16/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
“You bring out the best in yourself by looking for the best in others.” - Gene Bedley

4:00pm UPDATE:  SUN remains out.  Glassing up and shaping up nicely for an evening / sunset session!

Roll out of bed and watch your step today as the fog is thick and the town is crowded.  Nearly no parking already and thick pea soup conditions at the very border of town.  If you want morning sun head to Pt. Reyes.  Should / could burn off but may take a while.  Temp is now 52F.  There is a decent and building NW swell in the water but no visuals yet.  Full moon time so my crystals are fully charged even in the fog.  I'll CONSULT my crystal ball and postulate, emulate, guesstimate, animate, recreate and infiltrate a potentially likely, or not, surf report this morning.  With so many cars in the lot and surfers suiting up I would venture to say it is pumping or dare say EPIC?  Expect smoothness at least with the fog on the deck.  Be the first to find out by diving in blindly today.

CHANNEL: Unknown due to thick fog.  Anywhere from knee to chest high is my best guess and all body parts in between.  Tide is coming in so that is good.  Expect less and receive more.  I'd say the heavy stuff wont be here for a while so I'd keep surfing. 

PATCH:  Unknown due to thick fog.  Anywhere from knee to chest high is my best guess and all body parts in between. Tide is coming in so that is good. Believe in NOTHING and find something today.  This could be the greatest surf day of your life.

Respect the Beach.


LOW: 6:03 am 1.1'

HIGH: 12:19 pm 5.3'

LOW: 6:13 pm 0.8'

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