Daily Surf Report - 3/23/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
“Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans." - Jacques Yves Cousteau

Happy Sunday to all of you slippers & sliders of the brine. It's a wonderful morning here at the beach. Okay, so it's overcast but the water is Windex(tm) smooth and the temperature, which is currently at 51 degrees will most certainly jump up to far warmer climes as the day progresses. The surf is pretty dang small,  so what will that mean? I'm glad that you asked. That will mean that you will need a hydrodynamic craft that must have far more volume in which to successfully navigate the diminshing undulations. In other words; big boards will bring big fun. Let's see more body surfers, mat riders and paipo enthusiasts out there today!

CHANNEL:  The tide is getting lower than my old 1969 Riviera, which was slammed & juiced, front and rear, skirted with Crager classics (cue "Low Rider" by War). Sand bars are exposed and will continue to be so until well after high noon. However- the tide turnaround later today could bring a lot of smiles on the mugs of you weekend warriors. If you have the time I say wait it out. A few janitors over there now pretty much buffing the area and a couple of boogie boarders who are working it between the Groin Pole and the ramp are the ones that definitely have the right tool for the right job as they are getting some good wave time.

PATCH:  There is a bit of wave-ness out here at the Clam Patch this 'morn but the operative word here is; Fizzle. The 'waves' begin their journey shore-ward as they rear up out by the Rock/Bulk Head/Meeting Rock. Some break off, some don't. The one's that do tend to go ten-twenty yards then....fizzle. Way inside they break BUT the tide is rapidly retreating and that's where all of those pesky, ding-inducing rocks dwell. With the receeding tide there will be, in all likelihood a small window of a swell so, timing will be important here today. Several custodian boards and longboards looking for that magic carpet ride.

Respect the Beach.


HIGH: 4:48 am 5.5'

LOW: 11:39 am 0.1'

HIGH: 7:06 pm 4.1'

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