Daily Surf Report - 3/4/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
“I do the very best I know how, the very best I can; and I mean to keep on doing so until the end." - Abraham Lincoln

Good morning peeps. I hope you weren't expecting great surf news of biblical proportions as I can't seem to pull of the Charleton Heston for you this morning. Sorry about that. It's off-and-on clouds this morning though showers are expected again for later today. The temperature is a mellow 57 degrees as there is a very slight on-shore breeze ruffling the water surface a tad and the water is still an effervescent ca-ca brown. Not a lot surf to report as you're not really missing anything. As my grandfather used to say; "Boy, sometimes you have to eat a lot of s*** before you know what a sirloin tastes like." If things do indeed change for the better I'll post it right here... if not, I won't.

CHANNEL:  Waist high white water belching over the exposed sand bar. No one here and for good reason.

PATCH:  Waist high chunks that pop-up all over the place then go away. The pulses are really close together and all over the map. Again, the water is yucky, so if you REALLY feel you need to paddle around here today PLEASE be sure to shower well after the session and rinse out the eyes, ears and nose. Three (3) way outside bobbing around.

Respect the Beach.


LOW: 7:28 am 0.4'

HIGH: 1:59 pm 5.1'

LOW: 7:31 pm 1.1'

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