Daily Surf Report - 3/7/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
“You are what you give; not what you are given.” - Sir David Tang

Coastal cloudiness has given way to morning sunshine.  Light winds that blow offshore / sideshore today and temp is 51F.  We're back to sunny times through the weekend according to reliable sources.  West swell combo with a background South giving us a cornucopia or choices today.  A potpourri of options as it is a bit jumbled but does have energy behind it and lines are on the horizon.   Early morning high tide dropping out so favorable to wave shape but will soon be too low and rip things up.  Get your favorite stick waxed up and head out now.  Enjoy a day of surf and keep your crystals close. 

CHANNEL:  Smooth wave faces and scattered peaks.  Competing swells sometimes line up to produce a nice clean wave that goes waist high + in size.  The lefts have the best surfing potential but it is a bit funky and jumbled so finding the right one takes some effort.  Definitely something out there to get you board moving in the right direction.  Low tide coming soon so jump in now or wait until after lunch.  Even straight out from the Boat Ramp has waves and a lone longboarder is giving it his best shot at glory.

PATCH:  Peaks all over the place and most way outside.  Size ranges from thigh to waist and a bit bigger when the swells combo up.  Long rides to the beach and longer paddle back out!  Smooth ocean but lots of swell activity keeping it far from organized.  Still lots to ride and about 10-12 surfers are in the water.  Lefts and rights and rights and lefts are out there.  Track one down and enjoy the ride.  

Respect the Beach.


HIGH: 3:35 am 5.6'

LOW: 10:27 am 0.7'

HIGH: 5:34 pm 4.1'

LOW: 10:20 pm 2.6'

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