Daily Surf Report - 4/2/2014


Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
“What I don't like about office Christmas parties is looking for a job the next day" - Phyllis Diller

Good morning to all of you neoprene clad water enthusiasts! It's a beautiful day here at the beach with the temperature slipping in at a cold-for-this-time-of-year 48 degrees but the sun has returned, grinning with it's gold tooth grill down upon this watery, little hamlet. The birds are out and about wearing hoodies and singing in the key of Lenny Williams that wonderful Tower Of Power tune; "All The City Lights." There is a little, teeny bit of swell in the coffee & cream colored water, but the little undulations are super close together and not breaking too clean. maybe with a tide change later.

CHANNEL: The tide isn't quite right here as of yet but there is a waist-and-below white water belcher that is slop, slop, slopping along. Two (2) longboard purveyors are standing in the shallows and trying to make something of it with two (2) more loggers sitting on the sand, replete in rubber garb and hydrodynamic vehicle at the ready watching and waiting.

PATCH:  Shallow and brown as there are a whole slew of 'pop-up' peaks everywhere. Thigh-to-below-waist high. Some roll and break while others roll and fall back underwater uninterested. No one here yet but it looks like a couple of the regulars are going to go anyway. Be mindful of the rocks...they bite.

Hobart "Hobie" Alter 
October 31, 1933 - March 29, 2014

Respect the Beach.


LOW: 8:03 am -0.3'

HIGH: 2:55 pm 4.8'

LOW: 8:03 pm 1.8

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