Daily Surf Report - 4/26/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
“Fall seven times, stand up eight.” -Japanese Proverb

Sliver moon, shiver moon plus one star early this morning.   A good omen for the day.  Cool at 47F but back in business with nice weather and full sunshine this morning.  Building mix of NW wind swell of decent size and SW ground swell of long period.  This usually translates to surf in most places.  Consulting your crystals and engaging their power may help clarify the buoy readings.  Those that believe score and get waves.  Those that don't miss life's opportunities.  Crystal reading and high tea begin at noon today.  Should be a great day at the beach today.  Winds are very lightly offshore - keeping it real.  Good tides and plenty of sand so strap it on and get wet. 

CHANNEL: Incoming tide has some waves leering and rearing up from the Groin bar depths.  Popping up and working left and right.  A bit section-y but rideable and waist high in size.  Sandbars have shifted and moved.  They are a bit finicky at the moment so you may need to re-evaluate your Channel position to get the waves you want.  Crystal directional finders are available for rent in the shop if you need help. 

PATCH:  Glistening and glassy morning with a very low human to sea creature ratio.  This is the good stuff.  Pelicans in formation, curious seals and a nice pod of dolphins to round things out.  Pulses of S swell showing here with the higher tide.  Fun rights that are waist high to Corgis, ferrets and other marsupials.  Mind the kelp and rock boils and yield to Neptune on the inside.  Outside peaks roll and burger.  Inside peaks run and race.  Connect the dots and score long log rides.  As in jokes and life - timing is everything.  Turning things over to PTKook and BRay now but there should be waves into the afternoon before tide gets too low.  

Respect the Beach.


LOW: 4:05 am 0.3'

HIGH: 10:28 am 5.0'

LOW: 3:59 pm 0.7'

HIGH: 10:39 pm 6.0'

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