Daily Surf Report - 4/29/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
Today you are you! That is true-er than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!" - Dr. Seuss

Good Morning to each and every one of you earth dwellers and welcome to another sunny and clear morning here at the beach. It's currently 55 degrees and promises to warm up as the day progresses. the sun is up with it's New York brim and it's gold toothed display and no one messes with it because it knows it has it made...it's bad...it's world wide (yes, appropriated from the ZZ Top tune). The treat here today is that, for the time being there is hardly any wind and a midgen of that South (with a teeny combo of West) that is still vaguely out there. So, call in sick at work, ditch class or make a jail break because what little is left is going to be gone before you know it.

CHANNEL: The Channel has been behaving funny lately and I don't mean "ha ha" funny either. Sand bars are not shaping up and the swells that have been arriving in town just don't seem too interested in breaking cleanly on such unmade undulations. However, for the time being the Channel is letting a few waist (+/-) curling pearls come on through this morning. The Mali-Bo bar is giving the occasional right and that 'mystery' left that's sorta' overlapping it on the Sea Drift side is popping off a few here-and-there as well... and let's not forget the Groin Pole. Some lefts are chiming in as well. Five/six (5/6) there now on logs, shorties and the always present janitor tug boat.

PATCH:   With this dwindling South the Patch is STILL trying to out do it's cousin over at the Channel. The family rivalry is still in play as there are waist (+/-) section-y wedges that are lolling in outside of the Rock/Bulk Head/Meeting Rock. And as typical of this spot, some break left, some break right, some break both ways, some don't break at all. But this little wave seems to be going Wee Wee Wee all the way home. Six/seven (6/7) on log-age giving it a whirl as I write this.

Respect the Beach.


LOW: 6:18 am -0.8'

HIGH: 1:11 am 4.9'

LOW: 6:10 pm 1.6'

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