Daily Surf Report - 5/24/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
“Continuous effort not strength or intelligence is the key to unlocking our potential.” - Black Elk - Lakota Chief

Balmy early morning at 55F with sunshine working its way into our atmosphere.  Shaping up to be a great Memorial Day weekend with sun and warm temps overall.  Currently calm and winds have remained light to moderate into the afternoon.  A bit more NW windswell but the S has steepened up the angle a bit.  Let your imagination run wild today and sample all that Bolinas has to offer.  What are you going to do when all spots are breaking with rideable surf conditions?  

CHANNEL:  Incoming tide providing a few rideable peaks at Mali-Bo and on the Channel bars.  Too much water will slow it down but for now it is working.  Size runs from thigh to thigh + this morning but the ocean is glassy and all applicable longboards will do just fine.  With the sandbar movement that has occurred it is worth a look-see at Seadrift for that SPECIAL wave.  Scattered surfers numbering about 6 now and expect more later.

PATCH:  S swell has a steeper angle today but still bouncing off the reef and filtering in to the Patch this morning.  Pop up peaks and rolling rides to be had inside, middle and outside above the meeting rock.  Best waves go waist - in size but that works for today.  Smoothness is evident and all rocks remain covered and comfortably resting.  About 8 in the water currently with the parking lot filling up and the wall jockeys making their plan for the day. 

Respect the Beach.


HIGH: 9:24 am 4.3'

LOW: 2:38 pm 1.1'

HIGH: 9:24 pm 6.1'

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