Daily Surf Report - 5/29/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”- Karim Seddiki

Good morning sliders and gliders. Once again we are greeted with a beautiful morning here in Bolinas.  Full sun, no wind and temp clocking in at 54F.  Shaping up to be warm.  Just NW windswell and a meager background S today but combo potential exists.  Negative low tide working its way back up to sea level.   Let your mind run rampant with the possibilities and go surf already.

CHANNEL:  Low water but incoming tide is trying to give it that extra push.  Groin bar lefts have decent waiting periods but rideable, glideable lefts will appear.  Holding steady and knee to thigh high in size and a group of 10 sitting hard on this spot already.  Looks like plenty of sharing going on when waves arrive.  Inner bar Mali-Bo needs a bit more water but likes these conditions so keep an open eye and mind and maybe sit inside a bit to sample the rights when they show.

PATCH:  Super low and just as slow today.  Most if not all rocks exposed with the low tide and not enough water to creep in over the reef yet.  If that S has any juice left it will show here but that wont be till the afternoon when water levels are up.  Currently a few ankle breakers here but change is possible.  Empty lineup now but a few of the barnacle crew are giving it the evil eye.

Respect the Beach.


LOW: 6:42 am -1.0'

HIGH: 1:56 pm 4.6'

LOW: 6:32 pm 2.4'

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