Daily Surf Report - 5/5/2014


Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
“I am not afraid of death. I just don't want to be there when it happens." - Woody Allen

The scene: Overcast morning on the Northern California coast with a slight breeze and the temperature is a 55 degrees. Two raccoons, we'll call them Kevin and Raymond are standing high above the the coast line while smoking menthol's and watching the water below after a pre-dawn garbage can raid...

Kevin: It's really something out here, ain't it?

Raymond: And How! This is the life, I tell ya.

Kevin: (chuckling) Look at those stupid humans down there, Raymond. You'd never catch me out there in that water wearing some ridiculous outfit and riding those silly planks all over the place.

Raymond: (pausing to reflect on the scenario his friend has just presented) Absolutely not! It's so....so...I dunno. Undignified, if you ask me.

Kevin: Exactimundo, my friend.

Raymond: And they act like they "own" everything and they can't even figure out that bungee cords are no problem to remove from garbage cans.

Kevin: (chuckling) And they call themselves superior! 

Raymond: (laughing hard) Thumbs are overrated on some species if you ask me!

Taking the last puff from his smoke, Kevin tamps it out on the guard rail and palms the butt to throw out later.

Kevin: Let's get out of here.

Raymond: Yeah.... I need another coffee... y' think that the People's Store is open yet?

Kevin: Do I look like I have a watch? I'm a raccoon, for Christs sake!

end scene.

CHANNEL:  Thigh (+/-) white water janksters are slop, slop, slopping along. The tide is still retreating faster than the French army but that isn't stopping the Kookamungus brothers, Stink Bug and Barney from riding straight-off, Adolph for 20 to 30 yards and then falling off of the back end. Maybe later... I'll let you know.

PATCH:  Not really working too well at the moment. Thigh and below as there really isn't a heck of a lot of energy at this time. Right on the border of the Clam Patch and Green/Africa there is Bert & Ernie the dynamic custodial duo along with Half Full riding some of the slowest waves I've ever seen. Maybe later here too?

Respect the Beach.


HIGH: 3:52 am 4.6'

LOW: 10:46 am 0.2'

HIGH: 6:25 pm 4.4'

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