Daily Surf Report - 6/22/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
“The visible sign of utter love is an undying smile.” - Ravi Shankar

Sun shining this beautiful summer morning as we welcome the new season with a vengeance.  The temp is in at 54F and not a hint of wind to ruffle your feathers.  Overall at top 5 beach day for June.  Nice little bit of windswell surf action occurring as well with crystalline, serpentine and just in time dose of waves for your longboard.  Low volume boards need not apply.  Get out there and experience the stoke and aloha that the ocean is capable of supplying.  It is out there and if you seek you will find. 

CHANNEL:  NW windswell of a decently appropriate direction materializing as rideable lefts in the solidly thigh high configuration.  Deeper Channel bar is where it's at today with a few inside Mali-Bo rights to sample as well.  A few rights appear and most waves bend and wind their merry way to the inside.  Bring a big board and have a big smile.  Joy prevails here and all that enter with positivity will be rewarded with waves.  Incoming tide a big help and it may swamp out mid morning but fear not as the day is long and the sun shines bright.

PATCH:  Solitude and peace prevail here today.  Glassy and flat with zero surfers enjoying the lack of waves .  Micro-slider waves of the ankle high variety have the ability to appear but infrequently at best. 

Respect the Beach.


LOW: 2:52 am 0.3'

HIGH: 9:23 am 4.1'

LOW: 2:10 pm 1.8'

HIGH: 8:51 pm 6.2'

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