Daily Surf Report - 6/25/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
“If at first you don't succeed, blame your parents." - Marcelene Cox

End Of The Road  by Hoskin Firth

The scene: A little beach hamlet on a sunny, Northern California morning. Two raccoon's, Albert and Gary are sipping coffee while pondering the ocean and discussing the days activities...

Albert: "My goodness, what a gorgeous morning!"

Gary: "You said it, pal! It doesn't get much better than this!"

Albert: "It's supposed to get warm later today...what do ya think the temperature is right now? 59, or so?"

Gary: "Yeah, that feels about right. This side wind is a bit strong but look how it sorta' comes from the North a bit as well. See those waves over there? It's...it's...I dunno...feathering them a bit."

Albert: "Yeah, I see it. Those stupid humanoids over there seem to be enjoying it."

Gary: "Yep. Strange creatures."

Both raccoons take long, thoughtful sips from their coffee's and continue to stare out into the Pacific.

Albert: "Yep. a great day indeed."

Gary: "Well, not so great for Vince."

Albert: "Vince the squirrel or Vince the skunk?"

Gary: "Vince the skunk. You didn't see the carnage this morning over on Elm?"

Albert: "No. Did he finally get hit by a car?"

Gary: "Sure did, amigo. What a mess and what a stink! Yeesh!"

Albert: "....wow...."

Both raccoons take another long sip of coffee.

Gary: "Well, let's get going. All of the humanoids are beginning to stir and I want to get outta here before they start with their cars and littering and all."

Albert: "Okie dokie..... too bad about Vince, though."

Gary: "Yeah. But y'know, Al.... at the end of our time it seems like all we are is another grease spot on the road for some stupid Irish Setter to roll in."

Albert: "Geez, you're SUCH an inspiration, Gary, y'know that? ha ha ha!"

Gary: " Yeah, I'm pretty deep." 

The End

 CHANNEL:  Waist (+) emerald wedges that are lolling in just out-and-inside of the Groin Pole. Some are breaking pretty clean while others are doing the Section-y Boogaloo! The tide is coming in for breakfast while seven (7) bipeds are logging their troubles away. 

PATCH:  Thigh high slow pokes are grumbling and mumbling across the rocks this morning BUT there seems to be a little left located at the corner of The Patch and Green/Africa. Occasionally something resembling a wave in the waist high range rears its head outside but these it just dissipates back into the brine. There is also a very sizable left waaaaaaaay outside of Green/Africa, so if that interests you, pack a lunch, bring your passport and paddle, paddle, paddle. No one here as I write this.

Respect the Beach.


LOW: 5:13 am -0.7'

HIGH: 12:17 pm 4.6'

LOW: 4:45 pm 2.5'

HIGH: 10:56 pm 6.2'

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