Daily Surf Report - 7/22/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day: 
“It's never too late - never too late to start over, never too late to be happy. - Jane Fonda

Some days you wake up on the winning side, some days on the losing side, and some days you wake up too late and missed the game. Today is one of those late days. I'll get right down to the meat and potatoes this morning in hopes of settling all of the hunger building up inside you wave warriors. Slightly foggy this morning, but temperatures are at 61F with sunny skies on highway 1 the whole drive in. Hopefully the sun will break through the fog here today. Take in the beautiful scenery as there isn't a breath of wind and surface texture is as glassy as can be. Unfortunately it's a bit too glassy with not even the waves disturbing the surface. The tide is still incoming and a little too high so wait for a bit less water today before the waves appear in force. And don't forget the larger section of your quiver. Should be a great day for beginners though

CHANNEL:  Small waves in the ankle to knee high range are breaking this morning as the tide is a bit too high and swamping most of the swell out. Conditions should improve with a little less water on the bars later today. One SUP is out there cruising around trying his luck as of now. 

PATCH: Conditions are glassy as could be and the water looks clear. Sort of reminiscent of Lake Tahoe on a warm day. No waves breaking here as the S Swell is no longer showing itself. Wait for the tide and maybe something will roll through.

Respect the Beach


HIGH: 10:23 am   4.4'

LOW: 3:45 pm   2.6'

HIGH: 9:11 pm   6.2'

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