Daily Surf Report - 7/10/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day: 
Don't involve yourself in meaningless troubles. Find what will make you happy and smile because today is a new day.”  - Rexon Wilson

Welcome to Bolinas. A town that loves to welcome rain on a summer day. It is drizzling here this morning as winds from the south and heavy fog cover the town and bay making this feel like an early spring morning. Air temp is at 58F and bound to stay around there for the remainder of the day as surface texture makes the surf fairly jumbled. With the tide still going out and winds blowing steady, today is a good day to make a rain check... literally. There is some swell in the water though as a 2ft NW swell and smaller south swell push their way in. Waves are in the knee high range all around, but with winds set to pick up more throughout the day, it's not the best of days to surf.

The tide is going out still, yet with so much sand on the bars and beach, it seems as if it is almost high tide. waves are breaking in the knee high range and closing out quick as onshore winds quickly push the lips down. No one out as of now and conditions don't look as if they will improve all that much based on the wind forecast for the day.

PATCH: Similar to the groin, waves are breaking in the knee high range and crumbling to a small condensed white water ride. The shorebreak is the main thing working here right now as the rocks are all slowly peaking their way through the surface. No one is out here either, but if you want to have some fun getting womped today I suggest body surfing here. It's probably the best call for today.

Respect the Beach.


HIGH: 11:42 am 4.5'

LOW: 4:07 pm 2.5'

HIGH: 10:28 pm 6.8' 

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