Daily Surf Report - 7/12/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day: 
Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.”  - LBJ

Some days are diamonds, some days are rocks, and some days are flat. Today is as flat as a a republicans tax dreams. Sheets of glass reflect the bay with the most serene atmosphere. Unfortunately this all means there is little to no surf. But do not be discouraged as the tide is just switching to an incoming tide from a negative low. With more water over the breaks, more waves may form and actually be rideable. There is also zero wind blowing and it is supposed to be out of the west today which, depending on the specific degree of direction, can blow side-offshore here. Either way it is the weekend and the beach is always the best place to bring the family and relax.

CHANNEL:  The tide has just bottomed out and all the sandbars are exposed as one SUP is trying to island hop from bar to bar without running aground. He appears to be having some trouble with the running aground part. There are small ankle high waves breaking right onto the sand and not much else coming through. Wait for more water to fill in before we see something rideable.

PATCH: All of the rocks are completely exposed with the negative tide and the meeting rock is sticking at least 2ft out of the water. Some lines are rolling through, but just keep rolling until they create what would be a XXL Puerto Escondido wave for an ant. Wait for the tide to come in more before we see anything start to break.

Respect the Beach.


LOW: 6:01 am -1.4'

HIGH: 1:53 pm 5.4'

LOW: 6:46 pm 2.1' 

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