Daily Surf Report - 9/11/2014

S swell starting to pulse in the Patch.  Go Surf!

Inspirational crystal quote of the day: 
“What separates us from the animals, what separates us from the chaos, is our ability to mourn people we’ve never met.” – Author David Levithan

Solemn and quiet day as we remember 9/11 on the 13th anniversary of the fateful day that changed so many lives.  Overcast and quiet morning with only the dreamers and schemers in the water at the moment.  Temp 60F and likely not to move much above this number today.  Not much happening in the ocean as swells have diminished and morning tides are low.  Still a few people in the water getting that good feeling to start the day and a dip in the salty brine can only enhance awareness and stoke.  Lots of fog that may not burn off today.  Inland pursuits may be more rewarding but keep hope alive for the next round of wave action to grace our beaches.

CHANNEL:  Very little yet just enough to get 8 longboarders suited up and out there.  Find your inner enthusiasm and go venture forth as well.  Just knee high windswell waves to work with but if it gets you motivated have at it.  Channel, Groin or Seadrift areas all sharing similar conditions.  Tide is incoming and could help with a little extra push but small and meager are the words of the day.

PATCH:  Outside flatness with 1 SUP touring it.  Inside knee breakers that might get the big boards moving.  No takers on surfing right now but more water can change this perception.  Try wait and if conditions greatly improve we will update you here. 

Respect the Beach


LOW: 7:22 am  0.8'

HIGH: 1:56 pm  6.3'

LOW:  8:02 pm  0.3'

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