Daily Surf Report - 9/14/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
"We do not remember days, we remember moments” - Cesare Pavese

Corgi Puppy Cam is Live Folks!

The ocean couldn't grace us with glassier conditions this morning, nor could it grace us with any swell. The horizon is a spectacle to behold as it is crystal clear and stretches as far as the eye can see, almost clear enough to see the Farallons. High cloud bank is holding in the cooler air as it is 60F as of now, but bound to heat up as the sun is already trying its best to break through. As for the surf, it is lake Bolinas out there with occasional waves in the ankle range coming through. Hopefully later today we can expect improvement with a different tide. If today isn't to your liking, stay tuned later this week as another hurricane is forming down off Baja and should be making swell push on up here in the midweek.

CHANNEL: Smallest of small ankle high sets rolling through infrequently in front of the groin pole. Not much in the middle channel or over on Seadrift. Keep your fingers crossed for a better tide and some more push later today.

PATCH:  Not a ripple as the tide is starting to go back out to a moderate high Low tide. Occasional lump rolls through that may or may not break on its way to the inside. Great spot to meditate and channel your inner peace this morning.

Respect the Beach


HIGH: 4:51 am  4.7'

LOW: 9:56 am  2.3'

HIGH: 4:14 pm  5.8'

LOW:  11:01 pm  0.6' 

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