Daily Surf Report - 9/18/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks."  John Muir

Balmy at 65F and some weather in town as well.  Swell grows with stormy activity and winds blow offshore / sideshore this morning.  Churning waters, swirling waters but still plenty of size and juice for surfing today.  Prepare to actually duck-dive this morning as waves are coming in all directions and in all shapes and sizes as well.  Not clean but plenty out there for surfboard riding adventures today.  Not for amateurs and know your own limits as well.  

CHANNEL:  Chest to head high surf off the Groin pole and over in the Channel proper.  Lots of moving water and shifting peaks to navigate but rideable on the right waves.  Size and energy today and shortboardable.  Not too clean but worth paddling out for and getting a few today.  4-6 surfers clustered at the Groin now with more suiting up.  Depending on wind and weather could clean up into the afternoon.

PATCH:  Multiple wave spots in the Patch this morning.  Spread out and smoother than the Channel but not really organized.  Storm activity has things kicked up a few notches and S swell continues to grow.  Most boards will work here today and size is waist the shoulder high or better.  About 12 in the water now and spread out all over the area.

Respect the Beach


HIGH: 9:26 am  4.8'

LOW: 2:29 pm  2.5'

HIGH: 8:22 pm  5.3'

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