Daily Surf Report - 9/6/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day: 
"Never assume that because a man has no eyes, he cannot see." - Master Po

Sneak peaky SW swell showing on the buoys and starting to fill in with the incoming tide.  Residual NW windswell still activated and angles allow for both spots to break and have waves today.  Not EPIC like last week and that was a once in 20 year phenomenon - but Bo-beautiful and rideable for your longboarding desires.  See what is un-shown and unravel the current conditions to suit your future needs.  Find peace in the ocean and happiness will be at your hand today.  Currently coastal overcast with very light wind and temp at 61F.  Sun and mildness on tap for the afternoon and water levels are getting good to hold some surf through the weekend. 

CHANNEL: Combo swell waves generating glideable lefts outside the Groin pole that hold shape and bend into the beach.  Size is thigh to waist high and fairly consistent.  A few go right and will connect inside at Mali-Bo with the incoming tide push.  Lefts deeper in the Channel not too shapely but Seadrift rights may be the ticket today if you want to ride a little shorter board.  Whatever your wishes are can be met today and exceeded.  Remember - there are numbers higher than 1.

PATCH: S swell rollers coming through at waist high or better on the outside.  Fold over waves that can take you for a short or long ride depending on mood.  Inside rights peel and reel towards shore at breakneck speed and have good shape and form.  Partial credit is always allowed so ride a piece here and another piece there.  Celebrate the surf and spread some stoke.  As swell fills in this will be the spot. 

Tonite!  All the details here: http://surfthehighline.com/


Respect the Beach


HIGH: 10:41 am  5.2'

LOW:  3:47 pm   1.9'

HIGH:  10:04 pm   6.5'

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