Daily Surf Report - 9/25/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” - Albert Camus


Real rain overnite - not a lot but enough to get things started.  Also,  large NW groundswell has arrived and set up camp on the CA coast.  Yes we have surfing conditions today as the winds are generally light, the sky has cleared to blue and the current temp is 59F.  Hello Fall!  Mostly pummeling the Patch with cleaner, yet smaller surf at the Channel.  Tides are incoming and good throughout the day so grab your favorite stick and find your way to the beach.

CHANNEL:  Clean lefts off the Groin bar and offered up at waist high and consistent.  Best on a mid-length or longboard but possible on a fish as well.  Incoming tide giving a little extra push this morning to help out.  Swell angle just a bit off to really hit this spot but what is there is clean and rideable this morning and looks like fun to be had. 

PATCH:   Peaks galore and popping all over the place.  Spread out waves so take your pick as to what looks best.  Surfers and SUPs out in force but not a very organized lineup this morning.  Has some size at waist high up to shoulder but shifty and sectioned in general.  Smooth faces and plenty of rides today and should fill in and clean up as the day rolls on.  

Respect the Beach


LOW: 6:26 am  1.4'

HIGH: 12:55 pm  5.6'

LOW: 6:56 pm  0.7' 

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