Daily Surf Report - 10/10/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:   
Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!”- Dr. Seuss

New day, new beginnings.  New opportunities await.  New outlook, new adventures, new perspective, new positivity on the horizon.  Approach today like no other.  Relish in the calm and glassy ocean conditions.  Frolic in the 58F degree outdoors.  Marvel at the Marin mountains in the mist.  Make the most of the natural environment in which we live and tread lightly in respect.  Gearing for greatness as NW swell numbers start to climb and S dwindles out.  Low tide now and needs to fill in more but should be ready to rock by this evening and into the weekend.  For now, just small micro-sliders to work with but enough to make it worth a dip. 

CHANNEL:  Good sandbar positions in the Channel have it primed for another dose of Fall energy.  May not show up until tonight and the morning conditions are small but shapely lefts off the Groin that are loggable with grace and precision.  Size topping out at thigh high but smooth and warm ocean is inviting and the tide change will give a little push to help out.  8 surfers in the water as they know what time it is.  Look for improvement into the weekend as something new is brewing up. 

PATCH:  Still waves of the small but rideable variety breaking mostly inside amongst the Snags and requiring navigational skills to avoid the rocks.  Wave height is maxing out at knee high + and there are surfers in the water here already.  More tide will surely help but you can get your watery groove on here today now and later.  Find a peak and ride a wave.  TGIF. 

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NSP range

Respect the Beach


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LOW: 7:30 pm  -0.4'

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