Daily Surf Report - 10/16/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:   
It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." - Henry David Thoreau

A bit of chill in the air and a bit of swell in the water makes for a pleasant combo to start Thursday.  Clear skies with a few streaky clouds, sunshine, no wind and a temp of 49F to get things rolling.  NW swell has the surf bumped up a notch and higher tides giving us plenty of water to work with.  Pick your poison and find some stoke today.  Both spots are working and the day is a beautiful one already.  Lineups are filling in with the morning and no-work crew.  Find your way to the beach for happy times.

CHANNEL:  Incoming tide has peaked and is up against the seawall a bit with the swell.  Access still fairly easy and the turnaround has begun.  NW swell delivering longboardable waves in the waist high vintage off the Groin bar which is set and just waiting for swell to roll over.  Smooth and clean conditions await those that are able to partake.  Seadrift also getting some of the juice with rideable rights that are being report as "fun."

PATCH: Pumped up Patch with a multitude of peaks a popping.  Size ranges from waist high + and waves are scattered all over the region.  High tide has the rocks covered up and there are some long rides to be had if the proper connections are made.  Grab your log and head this way for gliding, riding and sliding today.  

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Respect the Beach


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