Daily Surf Report - 10/18/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:   
Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value." - Albert Einstein

Glorious morning with peach tinted, streaky skies, no wind and a starting temp of 61F.  Poor weather remains at bay and translation = beach day.  Humidity high and rain is on the way but not until after the weekend.  Go out and get out into nature and explore the endless possibilities that await.  As to surf there is a moderate NW swell lurking and lingering around and the potential for a SW swell to fill in.  Overall a rideable but small day in Bolinas but with no wind and sunshine we say "Game On" for riding surfboards.  Tides are mid and high all day so lots of water moving around.  Pick your spot and timing wisely as things will change with the water levels. 

CHANNEL:  Tide high and still coming in.  Pushing water and waves that are thigh to waist high and breaking off the Groin bar with lefts in the offering.  Don't forget about the inside Mali-BO section as the incoming tide has it working with rideable rights that bend into the Channel with a zippy ride.  Seadrift rights are working as well with size running waist high or better depending on the area you occupy.  Overall a small but fun surf day and with swells dropping best suited for longboards.  

PATCH:  Pieces and parts today but rideable waves are in existence.  Best middle and inside at the Snags as high tide has things whomping up in the shorepound.  The waves that hold shape and form are most desirable and size can reach up to waist high.  Mostly odd sections to ride but a few longer connections are being made with longer rides to the sand.     

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