Daily Surf Report - 10/2/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
“Everybody it's a good thing. Ain't it true it's a monumental good thing.” - Devo


Beautiful stuff this morning as we experience clear and sunny skies, no wind and a touch of Fall with temp at 54F.  Expect inland heat and beachside warmth.  Long period S swell starting to trickle in and a NW windswell for the combo effect.  The results are good and positive for surfing endeavors this morning.  Tide has just peaked and will remain relatively full for the day so game on to get wet.  Great day for amateurs and seasoned surfers to get some waves and catch some rays as well. 

CHANNEL:  Middle bar off the Groin consistent with waist high rollers that are silky smooth and roll left towards shore.  Liking the NW swell direction and has a pack of 10 on it.  Should hold form throughout the day with tides positive and vibes to match.  Suit up and grab your longboard to join the party. 

PATCH:  A nice solitary spinning right working on the inside and going un-ridden as the masses congregate in the Channel.  Be an individual and surf this wave til your heart's content as it is all yours for the taking.  Size is thigh high + and it is smooth.  S swell sets showing out the back but intermittent for now as more swell needs to fill in. 

Respect the Beach


HIGH: 7:40 am  4.6'

LOW: 12:36 pm  2.8'

HIGH: 6:37 pm  5.5' 

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