Daily Surf Report - 10/4/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:   
"Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough." - Og Mandino

Clandestine mission with only fantastic, foraging foxes to witness the deeds.  Owls and bats rule the domain and creatures of the night get first waves.  A day of atonement and wiping slates clean.  Darkness giving way to a day of sunshine, rainbows, crystals and dare I say - SURF.   Temp now 55F and expect 90+ later.  No wind to ruffle feathers.  Still have NW windswell of decent variety and the S has kicked in.  Plenty to ride and parking is already nil.  Tide is peaking and full.  Lots of water moving around and beach access can be dicey at times.  Have awareness of your surroundings and tread lightly.

CHANNEL:  Pop up peaks and still waves to ride.  Incoming tide making Mali-Bo a secret favorite choice.  Lefts off the Groin still has a good bar and holding shape at waist high.  Enough energy for mid-length boards but with the higher tide a longboard is best.  Outgoing early afternoon picked up and pulsed with wedges worth riding and lefts that delivered the goods.   

PATCH:  Radical and rhythmic.  Percolating with consistency and positivity as well.  Good S swell finding its way in on the higher tide and delivering plenty of surf for all types of boards.  Ride how you like.  Single-fin logs to stubby shortboards are working today in all the spots to Patch offers.  Set waves going chest to shoulder high.  Wide open, smooth faces for riding and ripping or toe tripping.  Lots of water and getting a bit back-washy.  If you were on it early you scored.  If you decided to sleep in today don't blame us.  Get it while it's good as nothing lasts forever.  Plenty of surfers in the water and more heading out.  Both seawalls need to be timed and climbed but it is worth the effort.  While you're at it, have a Fresca.

Respect the Beach


HIGH: 9:22 am  5.3'

LOW: 2:48 pm  1.8'

HIGH: 8:57 pm  5.7' 

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