Daily Surf Report - 11/15/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:   
"It is better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life." - Elizabeth Kenney

Spectacular and sunny morning.  Low level ground fog and streaky colored skies greet us with a temp of 52F and offshore breezes.  Expect warmth and good times in the water as a bit of swell remain and the winds are trying to groom things up just right.  Tide has peaked and is heading out.  Water levels keep things chill today and the parking lot is rapidly filling up with frothing weekend warriors.  Take a breath and slow it down.  The ocean is waiting you to enter and rejoice in her wonders and gifts.  Share a wave and give a smile.  You will be rewarded ten-fold later.

CHANNEL:  NW winds trying to clean and groom the Groin bar lefts today.  Still has some sections but rideable in the thigh high range.  Outgoing tide helping a bit but the swell is dropping so if this is your spot get on it today.  Middle Channel bar chopped with wind and outgoing tide.  Maybe Seadrift holds a secret as a few emerged from abroad with tales to tell early this morning.  Adventure out and find the wave of the day. 

PATCH:  Still working with a little size decrease.  There are smooth rights that hit waist high and peaks outside that will allow for longer rides.  The northern left has potential as well and with plenty of water the inner Snags will show its stuff.  Bring your log and find your comfort zone here today.  Already about 20 in the water with more heading out.  Saddle up and ride folks.

Respect the Beach


HIGH:  6:40 am  5.0'

LOW:  12:39 pm   2.2'

HIGH:  6:03 pm   4.1'


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