Daily Surf Report - 11/23/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:   
The sun will come out tomorrow." - Orphan Annie

Well tomorrow is today as the sun is back and potent as can be on this festive Fall morning.  Clear skies are the norm again and temp chips in at 49F to get things rolling rolling along.  A day to savor with no wind and a peaking NW swell.  Tide is fairly full now and still heading towards peak so starting to swamp out and slow down.  Still limited beach access and the seawalls are not your friend so steer clear at all times.   A good day to be contemplative with your time as the surf is there but not for amateurs.  Ride then hike then surf again may be the best plan as the water levels are the leveling factors today.  A great beach day if you can make it to the sand and and even better day to be out in nature soaking it all in.  

CHANNEL:  Incoming tide is starting to slow and swamp the area but still showing a few set waves that go chest high and split both right and left.  A bit soft but enough to get a longboard or egg heading down the face and making some turns.  Inside Mali-Bo rights are working as well if you can hold your spot on the Groin pole and let that wave pick you up.  The Seadrift dawn crew is already heading in so likely something over there worth a look.  Be mindful of the tide suck as it heads low all afternoon and goes negative in the evening.  Should improve the shape and will also pull you out to sea for a quick Stinson visit - intended or not.   

PATCH:   Signs of life and smooth rollers pop and break on the outside with size lurking along at waist high.  A fine contingent of logs and SUPs are on it this morning making for a dandy day of wave riding.  High tide levels make access an up and over journey with a few wall climbs involved but the reward is likely worth the effort.  As tide peaks check the inside Snags for shore pound dumpers that will give a thrill before the spill. 

Respect the Beach


LOW:   5:02 am   2.5'

HIGH:  11:16 am  6.4'

LOW:  5:56 pm  -1.0'


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