Daily Surf Report - 11/28/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:   
How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains!" - John Muir

Sunshine and clear skies as we shake off the Tryptophan and roll out of bed.  Another beautiful north coast Fall day is upon us.  Temps starting cool at 47F but expect pleasant temps into the 60s with rain on the horizon.  For now it is truly a great day to be outside and partake in all of the wonders Mother Nature has to offer.  A bit of NW swell in the water and tides are finally cooperative.  A bit directionally dysfunctional as nothing hitting really clean but there are a few bumpy bumps to get you up and riding this morning.  Pack a turkey sandwich for later and have leftovers and waves all day. 

CHANNEL:  Thigh to waist high but a bit too N to be really clean at the moment.  Early morning high tide heading low could improve shape but for now sectioned and chopped like the leftover pumpkin pie you may be eying for breakfast.  Never mind the conditions as the day holds potential and 1 good wave will seal the deal in a positive manner.  

PATCH:   Outside waves starting to break then back of a bit.  Inside waves reforming and rolling through.  A bit indecisive like going back for 3rds at the Turkey Table yesterday.  Is it worth a dip?  Was it worth extra stuffing and bird?  You decide and let us know the results.  Wave height heading to waist high and above when breaking.    

Respect the Beach


HIGH:  4:37 am  5.3'

LOW:  10:04 am   2.5'

HIGH:  3:49 pm  5.0'

LOW:  10:10 pm  0.1'

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