Daily Surf Report - 1/16/2015

Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day: 
"Exclusiveness in a garden is a mistake as great as it is in society." -Alfred Austin

Glass on the deck and fog in the air.  Coastal cloudiness, temp at 51F and wind at zero to kick start the day.  Westerly swell remains solid with consistent offerings.  Just a bit high-tidey at the moment with softening peaks but rides are available and sliding is on the menu today.  Shaping up as a fine day to tune in and let the crystals lead the way. 

CHANNEL:  Channel sandbar is starting to form up and deliver lefts outside that are smooth and shapely.  Size hitting waist high + and some will make the long connection through to the Groin.  Inside sandbars still providing racy lefts at waist high or just under this morning.  Lots of water with the high tide so longboards are the best option to get waves.  Afternoon outgoing tides may cause some pitching peaks and open faces for ripping and riding.  A nice right out front for body surfing and the prone enthusiast is hollow with welcoming tubes. 

PATCH:   Soft and disappearing peaks with the tide just beyond max.  Still smooth rights to rejoice upon as size remains consistent at waist high.  Mostly mid-way and the inside Snags delivering the goods this morning.  Peaks will move outside as water levels drop but for now it is all good in the hood for cruising.  

Respect the Beach


HIGH: 7:35 AM  6.1'

LOW: 2:31 PM  0.1'

HIGH: 9:38 PM  4.3'

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