Daily Surf Report - 2/19/2015

Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day:
"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." - T. S. Eliot

Peaks and valleys as the tide plays roller coaster roundup today.  Coastal overcast and a calm chill vibe emits an energy palpable over the town this morning.  No winds, 54F and a glassy ocean is out there for the adventurous soul.  A bit of combo action as SW swell + N windswell join forces and offer up some wave possibilities today.  Incoming tide getting the water levels just right but mind the high peak as it will swamp out then the outgoing rips and will take you on a journey less desirable than most. 

CHANNEL:  Smoothness with the occasional thigh / waist high left roller coming through at the Groin bar.  Incoming tide also starting to push into Mali-Bo and micro rights are emerging there to be ridden by the fortunate few.  3 glider sliders are on it early.  A boat ramp wave also exists for the quick drop and turn run with lefts or rights with minimal yardage to travel.  Get it now before the lunch time peak washes everything away and makes access a diplomatic mess.  

PATCH:  As the morning tide pushes in waves are developing mid-way out in the Patch.  Rights that rear up as first then allow for the smooth cruise are being ridden by a motley logger crew.  More water will equal more waves and push the peak outside as well.  For now there are rides to be had and size runs up to waist high +.  Fate may be your guide today but keep the Patch on your radar.  

Respect the Beach


LOW: 5:10 AM   1.3' 

HIGH: 11:29 AM   6.6'

LOW: 5:42 PM   -0.7'

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