Daily Surf Report - 3/15/2015

Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day:  
"Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." - Lewis Carroll

Patchy skies with streaks of red, green and gold as we clear sleep from our eyes and greet a new day.  Opportunities are abundant and positivity is on the upswing.  Leave regrets and troubles at the door and dive headfirst into a fresh beginning with no boundaries.  Temp is ahead of the game and cruising in at 55F.  Looking for more warmth and sunshine to keep things bright and cheery.  Fading swells signal the end of the weekend.  Dying embers of NW and S swells offering up cherished memories of lost love.  Though we yearn for more we accept the day's fate and ride like no tomorrow.  A beach day is upon us and although the surf is small the energy is large and that can be enough to set things right.   

CHANNEL: Dropping tide and ripping currents have this place textured and a bit choppy.  Still a few surfers endeavoring to find a piece of wave heaven upon which to lay claim.  Thigh + sized waves with no particular directional preference are available and short waves are the norm for now.  Afternoon tide push should clean up the mess but diminishing swells will keep things on the micro-slide side.   

PATCH:   Outside pop up peaks luring a thick crowd out towards the depths beyond the meeting rock.  Those waves have waist high + options but quickly fade.  Mid-way we find a refurbished wave that reforms and runs right as it heads towards shore.  Size dips a bit but length and consistency makes up for it.  Lunch time tide drop will shut this down but for now cruising surf is here for the masses.  Evening glass-off and incoming tide should make for a special way to end the weekend.  Keep hopes and dreams alive here today.

Respect the Beach


HIGH: 7:32 AM   5.5' 

LOW: 2:20 PM   0.0'

HIGH: 9:37 PM   4.6'

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