Daily Surf Report - 3/21/2015

Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day:  
"Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment." - Lao Tzu

Take off your tin foil hat and roam freely today on wide open expanses of beach.  Interpret this phenomena as a positive omen of things to come.  Alien contact is unlikely but an uptick in swell would be a welcome vibe.  W/NW windswell is holding while the S swell builds.  Major tidal swings will be a limiting factor today as early morning has none and afternoon maybe too much water.  Plot and plan properly as surf windows will open and close with little notice.  Skies are blue and clearing with wisps of mountain fog and sun rising over the vast hills.  Wind remains calm and morning temp is already 56F.  A fine beach day in the making with surf possibilities a distinct maybe.

CHANNEL:  Morning low tide fighting its way back has sandbars exposed and micro-slideable surf of the knee high variety.  Sectioned lefts and longer rights are being ridden off the Groin pole bar.  A peek at Mali-Bo reveals potential but not enough water yet as depths reach ankle deep.  A visit to Seadrift may yield rewards as the water is a bit deeper there and visible rights looked to reel along towards the upper echelon housing.  Size and shape should improve as the tide fills in then peaks to swamp things out and shut down production.  Mind the afternoon outgoing rip as it can clean up the surf but also take you on an a journey south against your will. 

PATCH:   Smooth and glassy yet very small wave poppers as rocks dominate the landscape presently.  A sweet little inside right of thigh high proportions is there for the taking and those in the know.  Outside past the meeting rock an intermittent wave can be heard calling for riders of which there are currently none of the paddle-less tribe.  If the S swell is for real it will show best here but will need more water which takes some time.  Tune in to the solar vibrations and set your crystal directional finder on high to achieve optimum performance.

Respect the Beach


LOW: 6:47 AM  0.0' 

HIGH: 1:20 PM  5.8'

LOW: 6:59 PM   0.4'

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