Daily Surf Report - 3/31/2015

Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day:   
"We're on the cutting edge of reality itself. Right where it turns into a dream." - Denis Johnson

A dense and complex cloud cover is only beginning to give way as we rage against the dying of the swell(with apologies) this morning. An oddly warm 54 degrees and surprising lack of humidity as hooded figures carry logs and eggs towards the concrete and re-bar that are the entrance to a field of broken dreams. Conditions are due to change from one moment to the next today friends, so be mindful and respectful, or you may be served a reminder of exactly who is in charge...

CHANNEL:  Though currently void of sliders, this corner may have been abandoned too soon, as the patient and just amongst us are finding hidden gems. Not the shapes of lore or bar room legend, but merely solid thigh high rollers holding the inside for multiple seconds. This should benefit somewhat as the tide fills in, but as the winds begin to unravel the afternoon, expect merely the chop, flop, and slop...

 PATCH:   A pinch of this and a pinch of that to taste, as the ingredients are in the water, but clearly in the hands of an amateur chef, as inconsistency and lack of shape, yet not power, rules the morn. A half-dozen are exploring the depths, with some finding stoke, however temporary. Again, not much height in this region, but with some determination comes a smile. Alas, like all things, change is on the horizon, and the early hours seem the time to make a feast from the scraps, as those provisions may have to sustain you for days. Watch the charts and watch the knots, and get in WHEN you fit in...

Respect the Beach


HIGH: 9:56 AM 5.0'

LOW: 4:11 PM 0.6'

HIGH: 10:59 PM 5.1'

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