Daily Surf Report - 4/3/2015

Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day:   
"Study the past, if you would divine the future." - Confucius

Chill and brisk at 43F degrees yet no winds on which to lay blame.  Clear skies with sunshine effortlessly pouring through.  Looks to be the start of a glorious day.  Tide starting low in the early morning and now on the creep back.  NW windswell sticks around while the SW swell plays out and disappears.  Waves are emerging from the depths of consciousness into the realm of reality.  Find the ones that suit you best and let nature guide you in your endeavors today.

CHANNEL:  Splashed with sunlight and a newly rising tide will set things in motion here today.  Small knee + high lefts are to be witnessed and pursued off the Groin bar with longboards.   Mali-Bo has the ingredients to join the mix if one knows where to line up and the peaks directly out in front of the Boat Ramp continue to break although lacking form and consistency.  Depending on your taste for adventure - this locale may serve you well today.

PATCH:  Textured outside peaks but not with any chop.  A calming notion along with a thigh high + wave has boards paddling far and riding rights with hopes of connections unmet.  A touch of low tide now filling in may put more smiles on faces but there are waves to be had if lacking in variety.  Mind the exposed rocks that litter your entrance to the ocean as they don't play nice with toes and fins.  Enjoy the offerings and serenity of glideable Patch waves.

Respect the Beach


LOW: 5:45 AM  0.8'

HIGH: 12:04 PM  5.0'

LOW: 5:47 PM  1.0'

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