Daily Surf Report - 5/14/2015

Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day:   
“Knowledge will give you power, but character gives respect." - Bruce Lee

A building conglomeration of NW windswell and a new emerging SW swell has surfers up early and on it with reckless abandon.  A buzz is in the air along with light S winds manipulating the ocean texture a bit. A current balmy temp of 57F has things primed for peak performance. The breaks are waking up a bit and taking advantage of the offerings will bode you well today. 

CHANNEL:   Incoming tidal push has things perking up this overcast morning with Mali-Bo peaks popping off and engaging with small right-handers that will beam along the coastal crevices.  A left in the Channel challenges a date with destiny as the Groin pole looms.  A hard u-turn can blend that wave along and make for exponentially long rides.  Size is a relative measure but approaching waist high at times with thigh being more along the norm.  Water levels are rising for only a short period then begins the suck out which may have an adverse effect on current conditions. 

PATCH:  The dedicated congregation occupying the Patch has settled in outside and are sharing the SW swell hits that materialize after much waiting but provide a ride worth the time.  Lulls are prevalent but forms that froth forward have waist high capabilities.  Should hold form with water at its maximum, but afternoon lows will cramp the style.

Respect the Beach


HIGH: 9:26 AM  4.6

LOW: 2:55 PM  0.7'

HIGH: 9:42 PM  6.0'

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