Daily Surf Report - 5/16/2015

Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day:   
“When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece." - John Ruskin

Effervescent morning as patches of clearing sky reveals a mild blue and a temp of 53F.  Vapors rise off still waters as winds have abated overnite.  Wispy clouds above swirl aimlessly amongst the light NW puffs of air.  Few souls have yet to stir and only night creatures realize the value of true serenity  NW windswell remains as your main motivational factor as the S swell eases off.  Less than zero water levels are slowly pushing forward making wave possibility a more reasonable request.  The day is young and shows promise if not consistency.  More water will enhance the aptitude and a positive attitude is yours to keep.  

CHANNEL:   Less than palatable peaks currently as water levels remain mysteriously low.  Sand islands appear where surf should be and waves of knee high OR less break effortlessly un-ridden.  The incoming tide will eventually win the battle and allow the NW swell to roll unencumbered across the sandbars.  Look for Mali-Bo to begin working soon and the Channel has has a gloriously smooth peak to split but for now not. 

PATCH:  Still has some S swell energy left to deliver but few and far between as early water levels are sub-subterranean.  A pointed dagger of rocks reveals what lies beneath but with no water you will not find slides here.  The inside mini rollers still produce a peak worth the journey and outside is where the better forms migrate.  Much more water is needed and that will take time.  There should still be a day of surf remaining and if you set your hopes low and goals high you may just reach levels above 1.

Respect the Beach


LOW: 4:48 AM  -0.7' 

HIGH: 11:32 AM  4.8'

LOW: 4:35 PM  1.3'

HIGH: 11:03 PM  6.4'

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