Daily Surf Report - 5/22/2015

Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day:   
“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." - John C Maxwell

No surf solace to be found this morning though the temps have climbed to 57F and the sun is breaking through the morning gloom.  A deafening quiet permeates the land and sea as the ocean returns a silent protest.  Water levels continue to be a pesky nuisance as they remain largely below sea level reducing the aquatic playing field exponentially.  Much gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands will occur during the early morning exploratory efforts but hope remains in our hearts and on the horizon.  A small blend of NW windswell and a touch of background S remains active amongst the oceanic depths.  More water will allow for slides to appear but that will take into the early afternoon to fully materialize.

CHANNEL:   Tide continues to drop and relegate the wave potential to real estate best suited for sand castle building and surf casting.  Already micro-sliders registering in at knee high or less will soon be further reduced to less than nothing.  Even the early morning "on it" crew has foregone today in search of better pursuits.  Just out in front is a very small left that may temp loggers yet may be best suited for our RC surfer friend to really shred the gnar.

PATCH:  A lone jousting gentleman of distinction has saddled up his trusty mare and wielding a paddle made of carbon fiber will attempt to do battle with much of nothing.  Flat as can be and low water to add to the current insult.  A day for paddle touring or swimming perhaps but surfing currently is a no go.  More tide will allow the fading S swell to once again spew forth some one hit wonders well outside but that scenario is best played out during the latter parts of the the day.

Respect the Beach


LOW: 9:21 AM   -0.6'

HIGH: 4:51 PM   4.7'

LOW: 9:50 PM    2.6'

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