Daily Surf Report - 5/27/2015

Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day:   
“Do not fear mistakes, there are none." - Miles Davis

Yet another morning shrouded in damp, mist, and darkness. There is little change in temps in what has begun to feel like weeks. One is tempted to steep dark tea and view Ice Station Zebra on an endless loop until the end of days. Do not yield to this temptation, as there is reason to rejoice as one looks to the seas! Parking is already minimal as the dedicated and deranged seek solace and smiles amongst slides of merit and consequence. The low tide will not do her usual damage, and winds remain very light, so make your choice, steel your nerves, get in, and get out.

CHANNEL:  It does make the heart sing to see shapes of this caliber just outside the marker, our vigilant sentinel. A peeling right is holding court, and the determined are taking heed. The angles of said shapes are more severe than usual observation indicates, and among the rod, reel, and tackle that bobs in the waters this morn, one observes several of the thruster tribe making the most.  As is the custom, a lack of water will be in play as day moves on, but pay attention and give thanks.

PATCH:  The rumble and tumble of the past 48 hours simply refuses to retreat, and the devotees are taking notice and suiting up. Slightly more inside than at the higher tides of days' past, but slides are being had that inspire jealousy and much as they do stoke.  There is marginal time between the shapes as they approach the craggy coastline, but these moments may be needed to recover and reset. This will be the place where bodies will gather throughout the day, so be aware of your neighbor, and against all evidence to the contrary, hope they will do the same for you.

Respect the Beach


HIGH: 7:53 AM 3.7'

LOW:  1:39 PM 1.2'

HIGH: 8:37 PM 5.2'

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