Daily Surf Report - 5/29/2015

Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day:   
“If you don't know where you are going any road can take you there " - Lewis Carroll

Steely grey morning with chilly elements.  Lightly formulated to give maximum benefit to those seeking surf and solace as winds remain light and a confluence of swells fails to regress.  A quiet mist does continue to fall and temps hover around 53F making for a damp and dour mood.  Spy a piece of the vast ocean and your spirits will be raised.  NW and SW swells continue their assault on our coastal hamlet and bring forth waves of lore and glassy proportion.  Get in where you fit in as both locales are delivering this morning. 

CHANNEL:  Hearty and sometimes heaving lefts are being tackled by a small crew presently.  The stars and bars are aligning with the Channel sandbar taking shape and holding court.  Cylindrical orbs with size approaching shoulder + will rear up and take you down.  The in-between shapes allow for much better access and smoother racy rides along open hollow faces of doom.  Still has a few wrinkles upon which tragedy may strike but connections across the Groin are available and sometimes are being made.  Shorter boards are welcome and will likely fare well as the tide continues to push forward.  Water levels do remain positive which bodes well throughout the day. 

PATCH:  The crustacean crew and all forms have swarmed the Patch during the early dark hours.  A baker's dozen or two have launched a devoted attack upon smooth rollers of mid-human size.  The SW swell continues to resoundingly resonate here and enough water keeps rocks submerged.  Well outside is where the thrill seekers / adrenaline junkies / glory hounds are lured as waves will pitch with waist /chest high walls.  Those in the know station themselves at the mid-way DMZ where take off zones are wide and waves run all the way to the sand.  Tip toe through the kelp forest before finding the furiously fast peaks to keep the stoke alive and heart full of joy.

Respect the Beach


HIGH: 10:07 AM   3.8'

LOW:  3:11 PM   1.7'

HIGH: 9:43 PM   5.6'

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