Daily Surf Report - 6/13/2015

Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day:   
“I have wined and dined with kings and queens and I’ve slept in alleys and dined on pork and beans.” - Dusty Rhodes RIP

A pensive calm permeates the atmosphere as summer slowly kicks into gear.  Bounding bunnies and sly foxes rule the early morn and find serenity amongst the birds' sweet songs.  A warming sun has already appeared and seems ready to dispense the vitamin D.  A touch of S wind has textured the ocean surface but temps are currently 59F and on the rise.  Only trace elements of swells past remain leaving us with an unruly mix of windswells upon which to make our sliding attempts reality.  As tide pushes in our hopes are buoyed as desire currently outweighs determination.  Make of the day what you will but always keep a smile on your face.

CHANNEL:  Elementally low tide just now showing the ability to form waves.  A conglomeration of NW windswell has signaled a start to the morning flow of joyous surfers heading this direction with visions of perfection.  That shall not be found today but the sandbars are primed and what does roll over has shape if not velocity.  Knee high or better outside lefts have the ability to morph and mold their shape and materialize into inside rights.  Find the key.  Unlock the secret.  Hold it sacred and ride with purpose.  

PATCH:  A touch of texture can be seen and felt yet still giving forth a ride or two to those wishing to do-si-do right.  Just enough water has returned to keep trolling rocks mostly at bay and allow for inside rollers to peak and pop along with thigh high aspirations.  A salty few giving it the evil eye while synapses pop and decisions are formulated.  Go with your gut and go with style and grace today.

Important Note from the Bolinas Fishing Community:
When heading out the Channel,  the fishing boats have a very narrow slot to navigate and the fishermen have to "thread the needle" to avoid having their boats dumped by waves. The boats don't have the ability or opportunity to veer away from oncoming waves and must take them straight on. Surfers - please practice Ocean Courtesy when boats are heading in and out of the Channel and paddle out of the boat's path to let them through. This will also help in avoiding being run over by a boat at speed.

Respect the Beach


LOW: 3:51 AM  -0.4' 

HIGH: 10:35 AM  4.4'

LOW: 3:21 PM  1.7'

HIGH: 9:54 PM  6.5'

SUMMER HOURS are now in effect. 
We are open daily from 9am - 6pm from MAY through OCTOBER. 

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