Daily Surf Report - 6/24/2015

Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day: 

"As not two people see the world the same way, all trips from here to there are imaginary; all truth is a tale I am telling myself." - Byron Gysin

A deceptive chill falls upon the BO, as the first rays of sun break through the fog, and morning finds another day near the breakers. As has been the custom of late, parking is at a premium, and all shapes and sizes of watercraft are in various states of preparedness. Be sure and align your mind with knowledge that you will need a singular vision to find slides currently, as shapes of consequence are in play, yet they are providing much needed time to rest in stillness, and let the mind flow as it does.

CHANNEL: Though it warms the heart to see a cadre of sliders braving these waters this fine morn, they do so with questionable motives. It seems they are collectively willing Mali-Bo towards it's own voodoo. The sandbar in question is a wild spirit, who's heart belongs to no one. As such, she is giving only glimpses of curve and shadow, and leaving onlookers yearning for more. There is the potential for the kind of stoke that provides bar-stool tales, but the ebb and flow will decide when and where a definitive and mournful left might make itself known.

PATCH:  A strangely desolate Patch at the current hour, as it appears that overall charge is sorely lacking. This shall not be the case as day rumbles forward, however, and one anticipates a gathering and maddening crowd in the later hours. If the past days are to offer any guidance, there will be reason for celebration and jubilation, but these moments will owe their very existence to the water table, and it's  rising and falling levels. Take heed, and make your mojo known, as it's all you have to offer.

Respect the Beach


HIGH: 5:47 AM 3.7'

LOW: 11:48 AM 1.3'

HIGH: 6:55 PM 5.2'

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