Daily Surf Report - 6/29/2015

Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day:   
"Forever is composed of nows." - Emily Dickinson

Mixed tides, mixed feelings, mixed messages, and mixed metaphors as we greet a muggy morning here in the village. Currently 58 degrees and expected to rise as the clouds make their way inland as afternoon breaks. As is the custom, this day looks to you to determine what treasures are reaped from the sea. Will shapes that bring slide and stoke make themselves known? Yes, but with this knowledge needs to come an acceptance of the reality of our situation. Temper your expectations, center your chi, realize your target, and become one of many becoming one with the cool waters.

CHANNEL: A dynamic duo studiously chase a largely mythical left, as overall power is lacking, as if from a shoddy generator. With the right kind of vision, one can feel the possibilities as we approach the luncheon hour high tide, but these stalwarts are making something from almost nothing currently. The portions may be small, but if you choose to dine at the prime time, than the soul's reward you might find. 

PATCH:  As morning brings with it the usual suspects, and we find that mix of those who paddle on belly and knee as well as those with carbon sticks, the current lack of shape begs the question; what do you seek? The posse largely plays a waiting game, though  a single sniper is far outside, and reaping the benefits, with rides of many yards. With the tides as they are this fine day, and with our fair waters in general, arrival and departure times will be vital. The sun will shine, and shapes will form. They may not be the stuff of legend, nor helicopter's carrying photo and video jockeys, but smiles and satisfaction can still be yours, that's up to you.

Respect the Beach


LOW: 4:29 AM   -0.2'

HIGH: 11:33 AM   4.2'

LOW: 3:57 PM   2.5'

HIGH: 10:17 PM   6.2'

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