Daily Surf Report - 7/4/2015

9AM - 4PM

Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day:   
"Freedom is never dear at any price. It is the breath of life." - Mahatma Gandhi

An emerging sun warms a day set for excitement and explosive celebration.  Settled calm in the village about to be shattered into oblivion by a swelling population and masses beyond count.  A quiet storm about to rain down with antics and attitudes that will span the gamut of experience.  A battle for strength and supremacy will kick the festivities off and for those seeking Serenity Now - Bolinas may not be on your destination list today.   If you are  desiring of ocean slides the day has potential but true fireworks will take place on land today. Draining tide will mix with NW windswell and a new SW swell but not enough ingredients to add the full flavor one seeks.  For those up early and cracking the dark precursor blips have favorable shape and palpable energy.  The day will grow long with sunshine and warm temps.  Saddle up and ride as the experience will only help to fortify the future. 

CHANNEL:  Ripped and raunchy as the bottoming tide causes mayhem and sand shifting of an unholy configuration.  Pelicans have staked claim and are occupying the Groin wall and exposed sandbars.  Whitewater frenzy and no shapes of consequence can be observed and only short glances are appropriate.  Seadrift exposures seem to moderate the current atmospheric conditions and take the NW windswell in like a lost traveler.  More water is the key to unlock the secret but the answer may not be what you hope to find.

PATCH:  Early morning water levels giving hints and wafts of what can and may be.  The truly conspired have arrived to reap small benefits from SW destinations.  Now the rocks show in full force and a governmental shutdown is in progress.  Less than no water makes for less than no waves and the search continues for that one solid ride.

Respect the Beach


LOW: 7:49 AM   -1.1'

HIGH: 3:01 PM   5.2'

LOW: 7:58 PM   2.3'

SUMMER HOURS are now in effect. 
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