Daily Surf Report - 8/1/2015

Inspirational Quote Of The Day:   
"Thinking will not overcome fear but action will." - W. Clement Stone

Cross winds mix with cross dressers as we approach a crossroad in our minds and ease into the weekend.  Hopes and dreams guide us through the morass of emotions as we celebrate the wonders and bounty hoisted upon us while respecting those taken before their time.  Worlds collide as swells fade and all destinations are unknown.  Tides drain and visions soar to heights previously unknown and unreachable.  Detectable pulses can be felt but from what frequency is still to be determined.  Find your place in the universe and if directed to the beach - then so be it. 

CHANNEL:  Soggy and salient seas with much more sand than water projecting through the haze.  A glimmer of hope as unpredicted lefts attack and reel off the shallow bar in a mind-surfing dream-scape.  Formidable tide swings will give open windows with narrow perches.  Worth keeping an open eye and always an open mind upon this locality for later slides. 

PATCH:  Triangular inflections of exposed rock make tip toeing lightly the mark of a true waterman.  Remote fathomage yields possibilities of slides though quality remains of dubious measure.  Slight swell still in residence and gurgling up a few reminders of days past.  A loggable spot if you tread agilely and consult your tea leaves and tide books. 

Respect the Beach


LOW: 6:43 AM  -0.9' 

HIGH: 1:44 PM  5.5'

LOW: 6:49 PM  1.9' 

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