Daily Surf Report - 8/14/2015

Inspirational Quote Of The Day:   
"Don't fight forces, use them." - R. Buckminster Fuller

A clear blue upper atmosphere and sunshine greet us this fine morning.  Blazing with opportunity and vibes off the charts.  A willowy 62F now with predictions near 80.  The groundwork has been laid and the foundation set for new SW swell migrating up the coast. The best laid plans can be utilized unless sub-optimal water levels foil.  Consult tea leaves and tide charts as well to determine best ocean access periods and fear not as time heals all.  Now is the waiting game while those that froth make futile attempts and those with patience plot and plan.  Get in where you fit in and make sure to always maximize your stoke.  

CHANNEL: Featureless folding waves and a fully exposed beach dominate the early morning.  Less than no water making a worthy comeback but will require more hours than most can justify.  Now you must sit and wait and wait and sit.  Utter desperation is not in our vocabulary.  We ain't got no high here today. 

PATCH:  More rocks than water.  More conjecture than confluence.  More SUPs than logs.  Translation = a flat and lake-like surface suitable for swimming and paddling.  Those that stand tall yet sometimes fall are holding court at the outside meeting rock where worthy conversations take place.  Low activity levels displayed and no waves being ridden currently.  Time and tide will tell a later tale. 

Respect the Beach


LOW: 6:06 AM  -0.1' 

HIGH: 1:04 PM  5.2'

LOW: 6:08 PM  2.2'

SUMMER HOURS are now in effect. 
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