Daily Surf Report - 11/20/2015

Inspirational Quote Of The Day:  
"On your birthday you don't get older, you just get better." - Shirley Bassey

With calm tempests and clear skies the opportunity for sporadic blips to materialize is upon us.  Though likely a day spent mostly on exercising patience and latissimus dorsi functions a peak may pop and can be watched or ridden depending on your current state of mind.  Unsettled elements on the horizon will have the later day seas planning an unforgiving turn of events. Tidal direction has the doors to access partially open and partially closed as well.  

CHANNEL:  Long, hard stares have dictated direction and society flows accordingly.  Though looking more like a mesa than a mountain, it lures those with carbon paddles to ply their trade of territory.  Those attempting to find slides of significance will need to lower their presumptions in order to achieve their fancy.

Shadow in my heart
Is tearing me apart
Or maybe it's just something
In my stars

There's a hole
In my life
There's a hole
In my life

Respect the Beach 


HIGH: 6:42 A5.5'
LOW: 12:43 P1.7'

HIGH: 6:39 PM  4.6'

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