Daily Surf Report - 12/2/2015

Inspirational Quote Of The Day: 
"Listening to anything is an act of surrender." - Brian Eno

The hazy gray of the last days hangs heavy over a forgotten hamlet at the early hour. Contemplations and ruminations cast shadows of doubt and wonder in simulcast. Deep in the darkest of hearts, the truth becomes the only visible object on the horizon. A devoted handful take to the stoke mines to see what treasures can be unearthed. This is, quite literally, the calm before the storm....You can kill a revolutionary, but you can never kill the revolution....

CHANNEL:  An uneasy calm rests over the turning away as shadowplay and glorious hues demand attention. The steel pole of resolve sits silently in quiet waters at present. Those seekers? Absent. Satisfaction? Doubtful. An uncertain future? Guaranteed. You don't need a Weatherman to know which way the wind blows....

PATCH: A small gathering of the resolute makes waves and rock proverbial boats in waters smaller than the oracle and charts would presume. Beyond meeting rocks and countdown clocks lies only the four-minute moment of what you seek. Mellow in overall tendencies, yet poised like the cobra. There are remnants of one's soul amongst the breakers this morning, you simply hope they find purchase in the chaos.


 Respect the Beach 


LOW: 10:50 AM  2.5'

HIGH: 4:08 PM  4.4'
LOW: 10:36 PM  0.8'

WINTER HOURS are now in effect. 
We are open daily from 10am - 5pm from NOVEMBER through APRIL. 

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