Daily Surf Report - 1/2/2016

Inspirational Quote Of The Day:
"So remember, it's better to burn out than fade away." - Kurt Cobain

A thawing trend with temps coming in positively balmy at 42F.  Skies remain overcast and dry though low pressure winds blow seeds of change on the horizon.  NW swells eases back but still shows promising energy.  A micro-tic from the S lends itself to the fray and adds a conservative dose of fortune to the merry mix.  Holiday revelers remain en masse with evening activities taking priority over watery pursuits.  A small battery of sliders have their territory marked and are managing quite nicely in the early hours.  

CHANNEL:  Settled and subdued with more shape and less body.  Nominal helpings of left leering peaks go un-ridden as the playing field remains absent of heros.  A hopeful right has emerged as a contender just out front and has proner proclivities in mind.  Justifiably empty if superior rides are your aim though the solitude beckons to those on the correct frequency.        

PATCH:  Languid liquid with emerging shapes draw log jammers from all corners.  Fine lines are in the offering with heights coming in at a heady thigh high.  Rights are revealing themselves in the dwindling tide and may hold form as water levels remain above zero.  Lightly textured as E winds form a crossbreed with Kentucky bluegrass.  A welcome site to visualize Patch waves and the current crew is attacking with relish.

 Respect the Beach 


HIGH: 5:41 AM  5.4'

LOW: 12:15 P1.9'

HIGH: 5:58 P3.7'

LOW: 11:29 PM  1.9'

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